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Artisan Crafted. Reiki Infused. Self-Care Products.

Eco-Conscious. Certified Vegan Raw Ingredients. Sustainably Sourced.

What is Reiki?

In it's simplest description Reiki is a universal life-force energy. Reiki has no religious affiliations & travels exactly where it is needed in alignment with the highest good of each recipient. Reiki energy can help ease to ease discomfort and soothe body, mind & spirit.

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Each of our unique products undergoes multiple Reiki infusions, channeled by a lifelong practicing Reiki Master Teacher.


Simply Bracelets.

Simply Diffuse.

Simply Reiki Infused Goodies.


BEST SOAP EVER!! I purchased this for my oldest son. He LOVES it! He has a skin condition called "Chicken Skin". Simply Reiki Love is the only soap that he has ever used that has actually helped his skin condition and not made it worse. Today was the first day in 10 years that he felt confident enough to take his shirt off & get in the pool! Total breakthrough for him. Smells great. Cleans great! Thank you so much Sarah! <3 <3

Stacey L.

This is THE BEST DEODORANT that I've tried! I don't have to re-apply like I do with the drugstore one that I used to use and I'm very active (an avid runner). It's hard to find a quality, cruelty-free deodorant! I'm glad that I found this one!

Jennifer Y.

It's like using 'soap with a soul'. Each and every bar brings the experience of peace, love and freedom! It is truly a gift unto yourself and a great gift for others as well! Your candles create such amazing spaces for yoga, meditating, general living spaces, work and yes just plain 'chillin' in paradise'. No room should be without them! I even carry the Nag Champa scented candle open in my Jeep (not lit of course) generating the space for peaceful travels. Thanks for the difference you are making and your 'gifts' to us all!

Bob S.