We are temporarily "slowing down" a bit... what's that even mean???

Happy Spring Equinox!!!🐣🌼🌻🌷🌞 We are so excited about spring's arrival, and all of the exciting gifts it has in-store for us as a business as well as a family!

We are busy, busy getting everything ready for our new transition and are stocking things up as we slowly wind things down. We will be entering a "slow down" period starting this week, ending, well whenever it is we announce our big relaunch... πŸ˜‚πŸ€—

SO, what dos this all mean? It means that you will still see updates from us on all of our social media accounts as well as here on our blog. We will be restocking the majority of our beloved Reiki Infused Goodies and will announce these restocks as they happen. You can still place orders through our website 24/7, from the inventory we currently have in stock (the website will let you know if we have whatever it is you're lookin' for πŸ˜‰). Any orders placed during this "slow down" period, will be proccessed as quickly as we are physically able to do so (depending on where in the transition proccess we are).

We will stay in full communication with you all during this time and are so, so excited to reveal all of the fruits of our labor, in a few short months!!

*To our business and wholesale friends, send us a message if you have any questions about how this "slow down" will effect you.*

Thank you all so very much for your continued love and support. Without each and everyone of our SRL loves we we not be here, looking forward to some wonderful and huge transitions. We are so grateful for each of you!!

With so much love and gratitude,

Rev. Sarah & The SRL Crew πŸ’—

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  • Becky Biehl

    Thanks for letting us know, Sarah, and looking forward to ordering the Reiki deodorant again!

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