What's going on behind the scenes?!

Hey all!

Long time, no post from us on our blog! There are A LOT of big things in the works, both professionally and in our family life! 

We recently put an offer in on our first home and are paitently (sorta?) waiting on that proccess to move forward! This new home also gifts us the opportunity to build a BRAND NEW workshop for SRL!!! (EEEKK!!)

We will have to slow down the business a bit as we move through, purchasing, renovating and moving into our new home! No need to worry, we will be in communication and acepting orders the entire time. Orders may just take a bit longer to process and fufill at the height of our transition. If you have any questions at all, shout out, we will respond ASAP! 

Also, we have 2 wonderfully unique Reiki Infused, self care products in the formulation proccess. They are pure magic and we absolutely cannot wait to share them with you!

We have Basalt wire wraps and bracelets just waiting to be photographed and listed here on our site! If you are interested in taking a look at any of those before they are listed, send us a message or an email!!

We are so very grateful for the hibernation and rooting period we have experienced this winter. We are just slowly starting to peek our heads out and emerge for the warm, wonderful spring ahead! We are so excited and fill with gratitude to share all of this with you all.

As we continue on our journey, we look forward to posting updates as we can here on the blog!

With our love and gratitude,

Rev. Sarah Mills  & The SRL Crew

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