Premium Detoxing Deodorant

Premium Detoxing Deodorant

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***The supplier of our beloved deodorant tubes has recently been out of stock constantly. We have found a wonderful new supplier and have a shipment on it's way to us right now! Deodorants ordered now will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Orders with deodorants will be shipped out ASAP and we will keep you up to date!***

This best selling plant based deodorant smells amazing, is incredibly effective, and is aluminum free. Our artisan perfected formula is truly one of a kind and is crafted with love in small batches, using the absolute finest certified organic: vegan oils, butters and a unique blend of diatomaceous earth, arrowroot flour, white bentonite clay, magnesium and zinc, with or without baking soda, with a unique blend of 100% pure essential oils. Once poured each bar is infused with Reiki for the highest good of the user.

This vegan and sensitive-skin friendly deodorant is naturally detoxing, bacteria fighting, and will convince you that your go-to deodorant doesn't have to be heavy laden with unlisted harsh ingredients to actually work all day long! 

This natural deodorant has been life changing for many people who have previously struggled with excessive sweat, odor and sensitivity issues!*

*We recommend our baking soda-free formula for our sensitive loves. While both formulas are highly effective, we recommend the formula with baking soda for our heavier sweating loves. If you have any questions at all shoot us a message!

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