Whole Body Soap
Whole Body Soap
Whole Body Soap
Whole Body Soap - Soap

Whole Body Soap

Revitalize your body, mind and spirit with our reiki-infused soap!

This plant based, 4oz whole body bar, is the highest quality soap possible, and is handcrafted using only raw, vegan friendly, certified organic ingredients.

Simply Reiki Love’s expert artisan crafts each batch using:

  • pure aloe vera juice
  • 12 luxurious, skin loving oils
  • 2 rich & creamy butters 
  • 2 sustainably sourced, plant based waxes
  • 3 detoxing & nourishing clays

(Just tell me what's in this soap!)

 Each bar is infused with the soothing vibration of Reiki energy by a Reiki Master, and Ordained Interfaith Reverend, for the highest good of each individual user.  

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